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Building Shortened URLs with Advanced Features in Foxly: Step-by-Step Guide

Foxly offers advanced features for creating customized and efficient shortened URLs. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process, highlighting key features like domain selection, alias customization, note addition, expiration date setting, and Foxly’s unique deep linking capability.

Step 1: Access Foxly Dashboard: #

Log in to your Foxly account. If you don’t have one, register at Foxly Website. Once logged in, you’ll land on the Foxly dashboard.

Access the Login Page on Foxly App

Step 2: Navigate to Advanced Features: #

Click on the “Links” option in the left menu column to access the URL shortening interface. Choose the “Advanced” option to utilize advanced features.

foxly advance shorten links

Step 3: Building Shortened URLs: #

Domain Selection:

Foxly allows you to select multiple domains for creating shortened links. Choose from the available options to customize your link with a specific domain.

foxly advance option domain

Alias Customization:

The Alias is a piece of text that appears next to the domain name in your shortened URL. Input your preferred Alias to make the link more recognizable.

foxly advance option aliaas

Note Addition:

Add any relevant notes to the link for future reference. This feature is useful for adding context or reminders associated with the shortened URL.

foxly advance option note

Expiration Date Setting:

Foxly provides the option to set an expiration date for the link. Choose a date, and after that, the shortened link will automatically expire and become inactive.

foxly advance option expiration date

Deep Linking:

Foxly’s deep linking feature allows direct access to specific app or website content. Utilize this feature by providing the deep link details.

foxly advance option deep linking

Space Management:

Utilize the “Space” feature to organize your links into folders or groups. For example, group sites under space names like “Flipkart,” “Amazon,” “Etsy,” etc. This helps in better organization, especially for businesses dealing with multiple clients or projects.

foxly advance option spaces

Password Protection:

Enhance link security by setting a password. Once correctly entered, the link becomes accessible. This feature is useful for restricting access to specific individuals with whom you’ve shared the password.

foxly advance option password


Add tags to your link for easy identification. Tags act as labels or categories, making it simpler to manage and categorize your links.

foxly advance option tags

Expiration Link:

Protect your original link by setting an “Expiration Link.” After the original link expires, users are redirected to the specified link, ensuring continuous user engagement even after the link’s expiration.

foxly advance option deep linking expiration link, expiration click and tags

Expiration Click:

Enable a limited click feature for your link. Set a click limit, and once reached, the link will automatically expire. This is beneficial for managing link access and tracking engagement.

foxly advance option deep linking expiration link, expiration click and tags

Link Status:

Toggle the link status to enable or disable the link at any time. This feature provides flexibility in controlling link availability based on your specific requirements.

foxly advance option deep linking expiration link, expiration click and tags

Re targeting: Facebook Pixel ID or Google Analytics ID:

  • Enable re targeting by tracking your Facebook Pixel ID or Google Analytics ID. This allows you to measure ad effectiveness, track user interactions, and create custom audiences for targeted advertising.
  • Enter your Meta Pixel ID (e.g., 123123123123123) for Meta’s pixel or your Google Analytics ID for comprehensive web analytics.
foxly advance option retargeting

Metadata: Auto-Capture Meta Title, Description, and Image:

The metadata feature automatically captures meta details from the original link, including title, description, and image. You can edit or modify this information as needed, ensuring accurate representation.

foxly advance option google pixel

UTM Builder:

  1. UTM Source:
    • Describe the location generating the most traffic. Options include social media names like LinkedIn or Twitter.
  2. UTM Medium:
    • Gain insights into visitor origins, specifying the medium, such as email, cost per click, calls, social, and more.
  3. UTM Campaign:
    • Identify the source contributing most to sales and profit. UTM Campaign helps track and analyze campaign effectiveness.

Copy the generated URL and use it as needed. Share it with confidence, knowing that it’s equipped with advanced security and management features.

By incorporating these advanced features, Foxly ensures a highly versatile and secure URL shortening experience. Manage your links with precision and flexibility, and enjoy the benefits of a fully optimized link management system.