The Power of URL Shorteners in Social Media Marketing: Boosting Traffic and Brand Recognition

Social media marketing has become an essential tool for businesses to connect, engage, and draw an impressive client base towards their product or service. Sharing or promoting a brand on social media platforms can determine the success of a thriving customer source. However, it can be challenging to differentiate between posts that garner more hits and those that need attention.

Creating great content is only half the battle won in gaining traffic to your post. Regardless of how user-friendly and shareable the content is, getting the right number of hits and clicks is what matters the most. If the target audience doesn’t click on the post, all the efforts put into making great content become useless.

Everything from the headline to the featured image to the URL should be perfect and optimized. In this regard, the importance of a URL shortener in social media marketing cannot be overstated.

Earlier, marketers didn’t pay much attention to how URLs functioned. Long and distracting URLs took up a lot of space, especially in emails, and text wrapping often broke the link. Additionally, it was impossible to keep track of how many clicks a URL received. Longer URLs were an eyesore and a hassle, especially for social media marketing.

However, with advanced technology and URL shortener tools, the concept of short, customized URLs came into the digital world. These shortened URLs are now considered crucial in pulling traffic to your online service as well as in social media marketing.

Using a URL shortener has several advantages. Firstly, link shortener tools provide analytics so that you can track your link clicks, from which channel they are propagated, and at what time the click was made. With this, you can get a clear idea of the post that has more likes and is able to gather a large audience.

Secondly, customized short URLs make the post look better. Long URLs look clumsy and boring, and therefore, they bounce even before clicking the link. With the help of customized short URLs, the target post delivers acceptance and has more chances of being clicked. There are plenty of social media marketing tools that help you with automatic customization of long boring URLs.

Thirdly, customized URLs help in recognizing a brand. Customized URLs are created using one’s product or service name, which increases brand visibility, as prospective clients and regular ones can share and recognize the link consisting of their brand name in an instant.

Lastly, using a URL shortener drives maximum traffic towards your site. The thumb rule of marketing your product is following the 4:1 ratio, meaning that when you promote and create visibility of your product, one portion should be targeted towards your brand, and four parts should be about general things related to your field. The benefit of URL shorteners is that you can cross-promote your products, blog posts, or services with any of the links you’re sharing.

Foxly URL shortener is an effective tool for driving maximum traffic back to your website. By adding your customized badge or call-to-action tag to any of the websites with shortened links, you can enhance your brand recognition and attract more visitors to your online service. With its advanced features like cross-promotion, badge addition, and analysis on clicks’ timings and channels, Foxly URL shortener can help you optimize your social media marketing efforts and drive traffic towards your website.

In conclusion, using a URL shortener in social media marketing is essential in driving traffic to your site. Shortened URLs are more user-friendly, recognizable, and customizable, which ultimately leads to more clicks and engagement. By tracking the number of clicks, making posts look better, recognizing a brand, and driving maximum traffic towards your site, URL shorteners have become an integral part of social media marketing strategies.

Tools that offer personalized shortened URLs


Foxly URL Shortener – The Best Tool to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Are you looking for a reliable URL-shortening tool to boost traffic to your website? Look no further than Foxly URL Shortener! With our easy-to-use tool, you can create customized links with your own branded domain name and add a call-to-action pop-up that leads back to your website. Plus, our features like cross-promotion, real-time analysis, and browser extension make it easy to track and optimize your links for maximum results.

Top 3 features of Foxly URL Shortener we love:

  • Unlimited call-to-action options with different brand names
  • Browser extension for on-the-spot link creation
  • RSS feed integration for seamless content sharing

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Rebrandly offers a hassle-free method to generate and distribute shortened links with a custom domain name. After signing up and registering your domain name (starting at $2/year), you can create endless links and domains, keep track of clicks, retarget your links, forward parameters, and add UTM codes.

What sets Rebrandly apart from other URL shorteners is that you can edit your branded links at any time after creating them. Rather than using senseless and spammy links like “,” Rebrandly produces customized shortened links such as “” that make sense, are easy to recall, and set your brand apart. These links earn trust, increase click-through rates (CTRs) by up to 30%, and enhance SEO by featuring a keyword, i.e., your domain at the URL’s end.

Here are the top 3 features of Rebrandly that we appreciate:

  1. Allows customized domain integration, enabling you to add your domains or choose from its extensive library.
  2. Provides a Rebrandly browser extension to make customized URLs and domain names instantly.
  3. Offers a unique feature that lets you add emoticons to your URLs.

Get your hands on Rebrandly’s branded customized domains today.


Bitly, with eight billion clicks processed every month, is the most popular and widely used URL shortener that simplifies the process of shortening, sharing, managing, and tracking your links.

With Bitly, simply sign up and generate a personalized Bitlink with a customized tag of your own, which you can share anywhere.

Bitly’s analytics feature enables you to monitor the location and time zone of each click, allowing you to keep track of your links’ performance.