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It starts with a click. You don’t need to involve your tech team, Foxly will take care of all of the technical setups for you. Choose a domain that best suits you, and in just a few clicks, we’ll have you up and running with branded links.


Integrate efficient link performance using Foxly with Google Analytics tool and any others.

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The Foxly platform authorizes teams to simplify, automate, standardize, and solve the most complex linking challenges.

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Shorten URL

Customizing your URLs will enhance your brand growth. These short URLs are easy for users to remember, which helps to build brand recognition, and increase engagement. The URL shortener helps shorten the URL by replacing the long URL with your desired replacement. Shortening a URL enables you to mask the original web address.


Create a particular space in which you can list and manage each of your URLs. When you shorten your URL, Foxly allows you to assign a space name to that URL, for optimum organisation and management of your URLs.

Custom Domains

Create a unique and memorable URL for your website or blog. You can get unlimited custom URLs and top-level custom domain names. A custom domain accelerates your business with several benefits. For example, the branded link will gain the trust of your audience and build a strong connection between the user and the brand.

Additional Domains

Foxly is a URL shortener tool that will wind up with more domains by shortening the URL. This is a great advantage for those who want to keep their links short and easy to remember, while still having a unique and branded domain name. Therefore, Foxly provides some additional domains to use.

Advanced Statistics

A powerful and Advanced Dashboard, with insights on the clicks, top countries from which they originated, OS, browsers, and more. Statistics analysis will help you understand where the specific traffic is coming from and how many people had just clicked your shortened link.

Bulk URL Generator

Create incredibly fast Bulk URLs to create shortened URLs for an entire batch of links with a user-friendly interface in this function. A batch URL should be imported by employing CSV and it can get shortened within a few seconds. Its user-friendly interface ensures that even first-time users can get up and running in minutes.

Link Expiration

Set the expiration date and time to create temporary short links. Specify the expiration URL where visitors will be redirected after the old link has expired. URL Expiration applies to links tracked by Marketing Cloud. You can disable link tracking during the sending process for sends where you do not want links to be tracked or expire.

Link Password

Limit access to the destination URL with a password. This is a beneficial function for companies required to share confidential data. Each encrypted URL is stored entirely within the link generated by this application. As a result, users control all the data they create with a link password. Nothing is ever stored on a server, and there are no cookies, tracking, or signups.

Link Deactivation

You can shorten your links and then choose to deactivate them if you no longer want them to be active. The benefit of link deactivation is that it will quickly rotate to a 404 page if you disable the links on your website. That’s excellent if you fear that the possible business-related suspects might also be linking to your site.

Data Export CSV

Customers can easily shorten long URLs, track their links, and export batches of shortened URLs and other information into a CSV file. All the links are collected in one CSV after completion of the shortening procedure, and the shortened URL is ready to export to the CSV file.

UTM Builder

UTM builder helps to track the progress of the campaign across all platforms. Building UTM codes that can help track your marketing campaign’s success is the best way to measure performance. Their parameters allow you to accurately track the performance of your desired site by adding the UTM code at the end of the URL.

Domain Migration

With the ease of one-click, you can transfer all of your generated short URLs to different domains. It is a smooth process of shifting URLs between domains without data security loss or impairment.

Auto Delete URL

A short URL will automatically be deleted after a certain amount of time. This allows you to keep your privacy, as others will not be able to access the link after you have shared it. With our tracked period, we can now manage the use of privacy. Hence, the URL will disconnect itself and will not be functioning.

Reseller Coupons

We allow customers to create and share coupons with their followers and earn a handsome amount. Foxly will provide you with some discount codes and as stated by your demands, you’ll be able to sell to other associates and your entire selling amount will be exclusively yours.

Auto Generate QR Code

Foxly is very user-friendly all you have to do is paste a URL into the text box on the homepage and click on the button. Foxly will automatically generate a QR code for the shortened URL, which can be scanned using a QR code reader app on your mobile phone.

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