Frequently Asked Questions

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What is foxly?

Foxly is a URL shortener management platform, it is the easiest way to create, track and share shorten URLs of your own domain. The power of the Foxly shortening URL is it will be able to give you the opportunity to generate new engagements and conversions for trustable URLs.

From ordinary URL shorteners, Foxly goes beyond shortening by allowing you:

• Promote your brand.
• Analytics and click tracking.
• Detailed statistics
• Affordable price and quick support

Take a glance at our guide to explore more about the ((shortened URL link))

How can I get in contact with customer support?

The Foxly team is reachable through ((chat support link)) or via email at (( link))

We aim to get back to you in 2 business days. We should hear from you shortly.

Does Foxly have a free plans?

100% free and accurate!


We are dedicated to making our products free forever. Our paid plans feature premium tools like Google Chrome Extension Addon and Free Domain SSL, but many of our fundamental features are available in our free version.

Does Foxly have a Premium Plans?

Foxly Paid plans to offer a variety of handy interactive features. You can upgrade your plans for unlimited feature access to shorten URLs, Spaces, and Custom Domains, however, there is more awaited feature for you.

Our free plan had limited access to the service whereas you can activate the Premium((LINK)) and Premium-Lifetime plan ((LINK)) to unlock unlimited access to that Shorten URLs, Google Chrome Extension Addon, Bulk URL Generator, Free Domain SSL, and many more.

How does Foxly shortened URL work?

Foxly presents the shortened link that will look like this from a long messy URL. You can share it anywhere easily as per desired.

You can also add your custom domain to get really impressive and branded URL, for an instance:

You can share Foxly shortened URLs on various social media platforms, business or personal Facebook pages, newsletters, or text messages.

Does Foxly affect my SEO or Page Rank?

Definitely not! There will be no harm to your page rank because of the foxly. Foxly does this through Canonical Headers which prevents search engines from recognizing that is the underlying foxly presence.

For an instance, if you have “”, the foxly link might look like “”. At the time of Google analysis it doesn’t give any credit to foxly in spite of this it gives all the credit to “” and effectively ignores Foxly existence.

What happens when I reach my shorten URL Limit?

As Foxly will allow you to shorten 10 URLs in a free plan but once you’ve exceeded the limit you have to upgrade the Premium or Premium-Lifetime to explore more with Foxly.

How can I log in to a different account?

On the top right-most corner by clicking on your profile icon, the Logout option will be visible to you. Once you Logout, you can log back into another account by entering your other email and password details.

How do I reset my login details?

If you have logged in previously with your email, you can click on the ‘Forgot Password’ on the login page.

Your link to reset your password has been sent to the registered email address. Now go ahead and reset it effortlessly.

What conversion rates can I expect?

We’ve determined that conversion rates greatly differ depending on the industry and the specific call-to-action.


If average user experience analytics reveal a 3-5% conversion rate, you can expect this to go up over time as you collect more data about your shorten URL.

Do you offer a discount on a lifetime plan?

Of course! Big yes!

We offer an 80% discount on the Premium-Lifetime plan as compared to the Annual Premium plan right on the website at (Pricing).

What happens to my URL if Foxly closes the door of a business?

We understand you are trusting us with your links, therefore, we want to guarantee you. We have various promises we present to you:


– If Foxly ceases to operate, we will present you information regarding your accounts with easy export options to ensure a successful transfer to another link in the event you do not wish to be broken. We will provide you with ample time for 5 years.


– If Foxly ceases to function, all the links on it are redirected to the originating site’s base for 5 years.


Definitely, we have no plane to shut down Foxly. We support your marketing efforts to help you increase your shortened URL engagement rates.


Still, if you have any queries, do contact our support team without hesitation.